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Welcome to Panda Class

Welcome to Panda class, taught by Ms Osborne and assisted by Mrs Peeling.

Term 2, Week 4

This week, Panda Class have displayed some impressive acting and writing skills, acting out the ending of The Egyptian Cinderella, and creating their own imagined conversations between the main characters.  I was very impressed with their emotional range.  We also held a debate on whether the Egyptian Cinderella was right to marry the Pharoah or if she should have chosen a different path in life.

In maths, we have been continuing to work on column addition and subtraction, including tricky missing number subtractions, and how we can use the inverse operation to help us check our answers to calculations.  Science this week has looked at contact and non-contact forces and attraction and repulsion using magnets.  Heart rates were certainly raised during our circuits lesson on the playground, where many of the children checked their trackers and we talked about how raising your heart rate has many health benefits for your heart, lungs and blood vessels.

Next week, we are going to be working with Mrs Davies in music to prepare a piece for the Christmas service, and will be showing what we have learned already this term in our assessment week.  I know everyone is going to do really well and try their hardest.  Keep smiling, Panda Class!  

Ms Osborne

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Panda Class Curriculum Newsletter and Letter from Ms Osborne September 2020

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Children should read every day, and it is still important, even if they are able to read by themselves, that they still read to an adult, or are read to by an adult. We would appreciate you having 'book talk' discussions with your child in order to develop their enjoyment of reading and their comprehension and word skills. You may find these links useful in guiding you on reading for pleasure and supporting your child at home: or .

Above are some question stems to assist you with this (Vipers KS2). If you are looking for suitable books then this website may be helpful: 


English homework is given on a Tuesday to be returned by Friday.  Maths homework is given on a Friday, to be returned by Wednesday.  Homework is set to support current learning in class, to help consolidate skills taught.  It should take no longer than 30 minutes to complete. 

Children need to know all of their times tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4. Attached below is a copy of a 12 x 12 grid for you to download if it would be helpful. There are many good, free websites for children to play mental arithmetic games on. 

If you would like some tips on how to support your child with homework, you may find this website useful:

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