Term 5 27.4.20. Optional English, maths and foundation home learning tasks

Dear Rhino Class

If you are able to access Wifi and a device, then this new resource launched by the government / the Sutton Trust and a bunch of teachers may interest you. This is a wonderful resource, made by teachers for children. There are 3 hours of work each day, maths, English and a foundation subject. The maths and English are sequenced, so they need to be done in order. They have quizzes, teaching videos explaining the learning (from 15-40 minutes long), a series of questions / tasks and sometimes a closing quiz to see how much you have learnt. You will need your green work book, pen, pencil and a quiet working area. Answers are always provided for the warm-up / end quiz so you can check your learning.

You may want to just do the maths or English, if so please follow the series of lessons, however if you just want to do the foundation lessons, then you can dip in and out. This is the closest learning platform that I can find to our normal classroom learning, but it may not suit all of you. Try it out and see what you think. Remember this is optional.

Thinking of you all

Mrs Mottram cool


Year 5  27.4.20.





Character Description: reading comprehension focus on facts & retrieval.

Identify and describe reflections

History: who was the worst king: Richard 1st or John?


Character Description: word meaning

Reflections using coordinates

MFL: Introducing yourself in Spanish


Identifying the features of a text

Reflect shapes along the axes

Science: how is metamorphic rock formed?


SPaG focus: relative clauses

To reason about reflection

History: in what ways was Richard 1st a great and terrible king?


Write a character description

To make links between reflections and translations

ART: how can we use visual texture to add to our artwork.



Year 6  27.4.20.





Information leaflet: reading comprehension

Decimal and fraction equivalence

History: was the Treaty of Versailles fair?


Information leaflet: reading focus

Decimal and equivalents of fraction

MFL: Introducing yourself in Spanish


Information leaflet: identifying features

Add Fractions

Science: how do fossils provide evidence for evolution?


Information leaflet: formality

Subtract Fractions

History: How did Hitler rise to power?


Information leaflet: writing an information leaflet

Fractions problem solving

Art: How can we use visual texture to add interest to our artwork?



For parents

Oak National Academy provides a sequenced plan of video lessons and curricular resources for you to use as you wish.  It’s been developed by 40 state school teachers from different areas, working together to respond to schools having to change the way they teach.  This is an entirely free platform, it has been designed to be accessible on any device including mobile, and there are no sign-up or logins required. Whilst the platform has been created quickly, we’ve tried to make it as simple and as user friendly as possible. We’ll keep improving it in the coming weeks.

Supported by the Department for Education, Oak National Academy is free to use and will be open at least until schools return. All our lessons will be sequenced to allow them to be used as a comprehensive curriculum. Each lesson will be an hour-long, with elements such as a quiz, a video explanation from the teacher and a worksheet. All accessible from the same website. The lessons will cover core subjects from maths and English, to art and languages. 


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