Sport Highlights

PE and School Sports

There are currently seven million children aged five to 15 in England and just over half are not doing the recommended daily amount of exercise. We provide PE lessons, active playtime activities and sports clubs to ensure that all pupils at Checkendon School have daily opportunities to take part in a wide range of physical activities. We want children and young people to enjoy all the benefits that come from being active and to build positive attitudes to sport and activity as the foundations of an active life.

The role of families

We know that families, and particularly parents and caregivers, play a key role in shaping a child’s attitudes and behaviours. We use school funds to support families on low incomes to allow their children to experience the benefits of getting active, including improved mental and social wellbeing and individual development.

Physical Activity for every pupil

Every child has the right to be active, to benefit from being active in a safe, positive and trusted environment, and to have an equal chance to achieve their potential. We believe that positive experiences at an early age help build the foundations for an active life; and here at Checkendon School we aim to provide experiences that feel fun, positive and give them a sense of confidence, so that they’re more likely to want to be active in the future.


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