Dear all

We hope you all have been keeping well and happy in these very strange times indeed. As the summer advances upon us, here at CHIPP we have been working steadily in the backgrounds to help improve the facilities that the school provides the school. We have recently helped fund additional tablets, mobile phone, books for each class and gave a considerable contribution towards the new piano; all to help provide even more growth and nurturing to our already wonderful school.

As you know, there is a team (albeit small), always trying to raise valuable funds for the school and children and now we all have the exciting job of working and talking through with teachers, parents and children to see how we can benefit both the education and happiness of our children.

Whilst there are a number of projects that are being considered, improving the Owlet/Owl playground is at the top of the priority list. We are all ears to hear your views and ideas. This money is a collective pot that we should all have some say in – obviously not everything can be put into action, but through constant collaboration with everyone involved, we can try to offer the very best! So, if you have an idea, big or small, please see either one of the CHIPP team or drop your idea off in the box in reception.

Please remember that CHIPP acts as everyone’s voice, so no matter what your question or concern, know that we will always try to help where we can. We would love to hear from you and to help your children’s school be the best it can be. With this in mind, we have been working on getting class reps set up for each class with the view of making it a lot easier for us all to communicate and collaborate, so watch this space!

And as always, CHIPP cannot survive without members so if you are keen to be part of it, in any capacity, including Chair or Secretary please let us know. The AGM is set for Monday 21st September at 8pm and we would love to see you (whether via zoom or in person, should we be allowed!).

Thank you always, for your help and support – it is very much appreciated.

The CHIPP team


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