How to Help Your Child




Preparing Your Child for School

There are a number of ways in which you can help to support your child before they enter the Reception Year:


·         Encourage them to dress and undress independently;

·         Teach them to use the toilet independently and to wash their hands;

·         Encourage them to look after their own belongings and to tidy away their toys;

·         Promote play situations with other children to develop social skills.


You can encourage pre-reading skills and mathematical skills by: 


·        Reading a variety of stories and rhymes to your child, talking about the pictures and the story together;

·         Encouraging them to learn nursery and counting rhymes by heart and to play with sounds in words,

          for example, eye-spy;

·         Playing matching games, lotto, etc.;

·         Encouraging your child to complete jigsaws;


Finally, playing games together can have great social and language benefits for your child, and this process is continued throughout this initial Reception year.




Supporting your Child’s Independent Reading

Please click below on the attached article written by the Oxford University Press.  It outlines the importance of parents reading with their Key Stage 2 children and gives some top tips about how to do this.



These websites give lists of suggested books for independent readers at Key Stage 2:'s%20Reading%20Book%20List%20KS2%20Y5%20(9-10yrs).pdf

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